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Case Files: Buddy's Shamrock Pub

In 2004 I was still in NJ. Our team was contacted by the owner of Buddy’s Shamrock Pub. Located in Trenton, NJ, Buddy’s Shamrock Pub was built in the 1920’s as a garage. Afterward it went through three owners as a bar, leading up to the Shamrock.

When we conducted the preliminary, the team found out that there had been a lot of activity. The staff heard male voice activity throughout the building and the locks on the ladies’ room and kitchen self-locked. They experienced problems with plumbing, and country music played through the speakers on stage even while they were turned off. In the kitchen I was able to photograph this beauty. While I admit, it could be matrixing, the green orb was still there. The face looked too real to ignore! I was excited for the surveillance time after I saw that picture.

We arrived back at the pub for the surveillance part of the investigation a week later. The outside looked like a typical Irish bar, decorated in clovers, and a white façade. Inside was a large pub, with a pool table room, and kitchen. It was more than enough room to have a great surveillance operation. Jim, the owner greeted us and took us around. He remarked that over the last couple of weeks, it had been “pretty quiet.”

After the quick walkthrough, the team set up their equipment, went lights out, and immediately started experiencing activity. I sensed one spirit in the kitchen. The spirit was a male, and he was suffering from a gunshot wound which I physically felt around my stomach. Later, we found out this spirit participated in a fight. It happened outside the business in another location with a friend of his. There was a drunken altercation between this spirit, when he was living, and his friend. His friend shot him in the stomach, and he died from those wounds.

I returned to the bar area to find two of the three EMF’s batteries had died. With strong paranormal activity, this is fairly common. I took the meters out and placed them back into the box and replaced them with the Tri-field EMF meter. At the same time, Deanna, one of my investigators sensed a man at front of bar by main door. He was tall, had a mustache, and seemed to be wearing something on his head. Five minutes later, we received a spike of 1.5 milligauss on the Tri-Field Meter on the bar. At 9:17pm, this was taken by Deanna, orbs encircling a chair.

At this point, the bar began coming to life. We received positive photos all over the place within the course of 15 minutes!

These two were taken by Deanna two minutes apart between 9:30 and 9:32pm at the bar and going into the pool table room.

This photo was taken by Pam at the same time, 9:30pm, from another camera.

And Jenn from another camera at 9:31pm!

Several minutes later, Pat, one of my other investigators, felt a spirit in the front of the camcorder in the kitchen. Immediately Deanna took a photo at around 9:40pm.

Immediately after that, at 9:41pm, Ann felt a hot spot out in the pool table room, for which Jenn and Pam were there to document it.

At around 9:54pm, I went into the kitchen to conduct an EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena session. I asked, “What are your names?” I immediately picked up psychically on a Jerry. At that moment, Pam’s camera malfunctioned in the women’s bathroom. A minute later, I asked “How did you die?” ”Speak up!”, and a male spirit responded with “I…was…shot.”

Jenn and I walked back into the bar and said, “we are back!” followed by an EVP “I’m back too.”

An hour later, while the team was huddled around the bar, I felt very overwhelmed. It was around 10:39. I felt like there was a portal opening and so many spirits were coming through. I told everyone to take pictures and here is what we captured!

Dan, another investigator took a picture of what looked like a textbook vortex shot, with an orb inside!

Deanna was picking up psychically on the names Marshal, Jonah, Elliot, and a gun fight. She also felt “Unfair, Didn’t Do It, Stay here.”

At around 10:45pm, I began to talk to the spirits and tried to stimulate EVP’s. There were several psychic responses noted. To wrap up the evening, I asked several questions around the bar, to see if we could get any interaction and answer some questions. I asked, “Do you feel helpless?” psychically Deanna and I felt “no.” Then I asked, “Is there another world, or the same?” Deanna answered, “We are in it, same world, and different time.”

It was an incredible investigation, one with a lot of activity.

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