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About SoulTrackers

SoulTrackers Paranormal was founded in 2000 under the name New Jersey Paranormal Research. On September 1, 2001, the organization was rebranded into ShadowTrackers, but after some copyright issues, had to change names to SoulTrackers.

After the events of 9/11, and the attacks throughout the US, Jonathan enlisted in the US Air Force and took SoulTrackers abroad.

This is when SoulTrackers became international!

SoulTrackers was one of the few teams to set boots on the ground in Mount Osore in Northern Japan!



SoulTrackers was reinstated in 2023 rebranding itself off of the former SoulTrackers Paranormal Analysis Team (S.P.A.T.) that was rejuvenated on April 2010 in Gettysburg, PA under the direction of the International Museum of Spiritual Investigations or Museum of Spirits or the Museum of Spirits (IMSI).


The original SoulTrackers Paranormal Investigations (STPI) was founded in September of 2001 by a team of veteran paranormal investigators in Pitman, New Jersey. STPI founder Jonathan Williams was an experienced veteran of paranormal investigation before the organization was founded.


He along with several of the core team investigated along with Paranormal Spiritual Investigations (PSI), South Jersey Ghost Research (SJGR), New Jersey Paranormal Research (NJPR), and now back to SoulTrackers (ST). In the 24 years of study, SoulTrackers core team has conducted hundreds and almost thousands of investigations all over the World. Investigations include:

- East State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA    

- Philadelphia Historical Society, Philadelphia, PA
- The Alamo, San Antonio, TX            

- Mt. Osore, Osorezan, Japan
- Fort Mott State Park, Pennsville, NJ      

- Burlington County Jail, Mount Holly, NJ
- Gettysburg National Park, Gettysburg, PA    

- Private Hangar, Private Military Base

Including Many, Many, Other Historical Locations!

- Over 300 Private Residences and Businesses Throughout NJ, PA, DE, WI, IA
- Over 500 Private and Public Cemeteries Throughout NJ, PA, DE, NY, SC, MI

ST has also been included in numerous public relations aspects like TV, Radio, and Newspapers throughout the globe!


At SoulTrackers Paranormal Investigations, we strive to provide our clients with reliable evidence-based solutions for unexplained phenomena. Our team of dedicated investigators use the latest paranormal research and technology to explore and document the supernatural world. We are committed to discovering the truth and ensuring the safety of our clients and the public. We strive to provide a respectful and professional experience for all our clients and the spirits we encounter.

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