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An Afternoon in Salem, MA

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Autumn in Salem. What could be better? A few years ago, my husband was sent to New England on a business trip, and we decided to visit Salem since it was October. However, Parent Nature didn’t play nice, and we were smack dab in the middle of a Nor’easter! Recently, we attended my little sister’s wedding and being so close to Salem we thought

we’d give it another go, and the weather was beautiful!

Salem, known for the witch trials of 1692-93 is now called Witch City and is home to numerous modern-day witches. We arrived on a cool and sunny Friday-late morning. The leaves were just beginning to turn, and the feeling of fall was in the air. I travel with a foodie, so the first stop was lunch. We ate at Turner’s Seafood on Church Street. The restaurant is housed in Lyceum Hall where in 1877 Alexander Graham Bell gave the first public demonstration of a long-distance telephone call. It was a surprising piece of history for the location. The building retained much of its historic charm. But how was the food? While slightly on the pricy side, the food, service, and atmosphere was excellent! It is a great place for a sit-down meal.

Salem boasts tons of museums from history to horror. As I’ve researched the history for college papers, we abstained from visiting any history museum. (If you would like to learn the history of the witch trials, please check out my blog on the subject.) Also, as neither of us are fans of horror, the other museums were off the list as well. My reaction to the haunted doll museum was -and I quote- “oh hell no!” But if that is your jam, they’ve got you covered. Salem also offers history walking tours which I do highly suggest. If museums are not your thing, there are plenty of shops to visit!

One favorite was Wicked Good Books. It is a quaint niche bookstore with all things magical. The staff was super welcoming, and they do offer online shopping for those outside the area! Modern Millie is a boutique clothing store that will make you feel like you are in Diagon Alley! It isn’t Harry Potter themed but witch themed. Absolutely charming and even if you don’t purchase anything, it is worth a visit. Anything witchy, magical, or paranormal, you can find in Salem. But be aware, many of the shops prohibit photography and videotaping. I respect this. As many store signs say, “We are a store, not a museum.”

Salem is 100% LGBT+ friendly. Rainbow flags were hung in many locations. Numerous same sex couples were happily walking around town enjoying the day. I also saw many women in witch hats roaming around town. Psst….I was one of them! We all just gave one another sly looks and knowing smiles. Salem is one of the few places where women are celebrated. I found an awesome pin that read “Hex the Patriarchy.” In my experience, those who practice wicca, paganism, and identify (spiritually) as “other” are some of the most accepting, loving, and empathetic humans out there.

I realize that a short afternoon is not nearly enough time to have a proper visit of this historic town. I recommend staying nearby and taking a few days to fully experience everything that Salem has to offer. We will soon be posting new videos to our YouTube site so please check back for more content. Also, again, if you would like to learn more about the witch hunts in Salem, please check out my earlier blog on the subject. Blessed Be!

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