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Case Files: Baladerry Inn 2010

After we opened IMSI in 2010, we had a treasure trove of investigation opportunities coming through the museum.

One of those locations had been a field hospital for the battle and now operated as a B&B called the Baladerry. From their website, “The Baladerry Inn has a rich history. The oldest section of the inn was constructed in 1812 on the Bushman Farm, with the rest of the main house added in 1830. The home was built as a tenant farmer’s house and was later occupied by the son of George Bushman. Located on what is now known as Hospital Road, the Bushman Farm was a field hospital for the Army of the Potomac during the Battle of Gettysburg.”

The team arrived at around 7 pm and excitedly took off through the property. We went out to the tennis courts that were paved over the burial site from the field hospital. There we conducted a ghost box session. Walking onto the court, I immediately felt the chills, and it seemed like we were being watched. We put down the ghost box and instantly started getting the activity of voices calling “help.” Then a living cat came trotting in from the darkness giving all a good scare!

Through the ghost box, we talked with a Michael. Chris also saw a shadow on the outskirts of the court at the same time as our interaction with the ghost box.

After several other questions, the activity faded. We decided to go back into the main house and set up a ghost box session in the dining room, bypassing the main hall.

We also set up a laser grid on the steps going up to the servants’ quarters which were just outside the room.

We asked how many spirits are in the room, and “10” was said. Then there was a lot of Q&A from the ghost box with mixed results. The video describes it better.

While the team in the dining room was communicating via the ghost box, Chris and I went into the basement. While down there, I sensed a heavy feeling, but outside of that, nothing paranormal really happened.

So, we decided to head back upstairs. While we were up on the first floor, we migrated over to the main hall.

While we were up on the balcony overlooking the main hall, I received a nice orb on the banister. Chris and I sat on the balcony, trying to make contact. I asked the entity to tap on something if here, and we heard a bang (around 4:06 in the video)!

For a good 10 minutes, we continued hearing phantom knocks and tapping. After that, the teams all congregated in the main hall, and everyone felt drained of energy. It’s always amusing.

During an investigation, we found that when the teams congregate and start winding down, it’s time to wrap up.

The Baladerry Inn was exciting, and the spirits within didn’t hold back. The property had a lot of intelligent activity, and it was an incredible historical location experience.

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