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Case Files: Everyday Paranormal 2010

In the short time around 2010, while the museum was starting up, some of the SoulTracker’s crew and I joined a small organization based on the TV Series “Ghost Lab” on Discovery with Brad and Barry Klinge.

We were the “Official Circuit Group” of Everyday Paranormal Pennsylvania!

As it was, I worked with Brad and Barry putting together the state of PA and developed the operations and investigations within the state. During this time, we were able to investigate 17 on the Square. In the year 1785, a man named James Gettys embarked on a visionary journey, purchasing 116 acres of land and meticulously laying out 210 lots. He named this ambitious project Gettysburg, a name that would echo through the annals of history. A decade later, in 1795, Alexander Irvine, a merchant with a keen eye for opportunity, purchased Lot #81 for a mere 3 pounds, 15 shillings, equivalent to about $10.00 in today's currency. This transaction marked the beginning of a long and storied history for this particular piece of land.

By 1807, Lot #81 had changed hands again, now owned by Walter Smith, a merchant and the fourth Adams County Commissioner. Smith constructed a two-story, brick, Federal-style mansion on the lot, fronting the "Diamond," which is known today as Lincoln Square. The foundation of this grand edifice still exists, a silent testament to the passage of time. Fast forward to 1868, the Smith heirs sold the property to the Gettysburg Methodist Church, marking a new chapter in the lot's history. Two years later, in 1870, William Boyer became the new owner of Lot #81. The property housed a variety of businesses, including a grocery store, Tipton's photographic studio, and Faber's cigar store, becoming a bustling hub of commerce.

In 1885, Amos Eckert purchased the property for $9,500. He transformed it into a residence and a thriving shoe and men's clothing business, further enhancing its commercial appeal. The turn of the century brought more changes. In 1909, a major renovation and addition were made to the building to accommodate The Gettysburg Times. Two decades later, in 1929, additional space was added to the Home Furnishings Company.

Post World War II, in 1946, J. Herbert Raymond purchased the property, operating Raymond's Furniture Store, a local favorite for home furnishings. In 1973, the Olympian Corporation acquired Lot #81, now known as 17 Lincoln Square, and rented it out for offices and other businesses. The dawn of the new millennium saw the property change hands again. In 2001, the 17 Lincoln Square Collections Partnership/Hauser Family purchased the building. They renovated it into a unique blend of ANTIQUES, APPLES, and ART, a testament to the rich and varied history of this remarkable property. Today, it stands as a symbol of the enduring spirit of Gettysburg, a testament to the passage of time and the evolution of commerce and community.

On January 24th 2010 a group of us investigated the large location.

The location consisted of two floors, and several thousand square feet.

On a drizzly January evening in Gettysburg, the mercury hovered around 45 degrees, with a gentle breeze whispering through the air. It was an ordinary night, or so it seemed. As we first stepped inside, Brandy, our intuitive guide, immediately felt the presence of a young girl in the earthen room nestled on the building's lower level. The night was young, yet signs of the supernatural were already making their appearance! With a sense of anticipation, we began to prepare for the investigation that lay ahead.

Once everything was in place, I led my team into the heart of the mudroom, our equipment primed for EVP work. Our mission was clear - to communicate with the spirits of soldiers or past inhabitants who once called this property home. As we began recording, the silence was shattered by a chilling voice from beyond, uttering the words, "Died of Age."

Here is a video from the encounters.

As we lingered in the mud room, a sudden wave of lightheaded washed over Erin, one of our investigators, just as she was passing the music room. Without missing a beat, we rushed to her side. But in that very moment, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a fleeting shadow darting across the hallway. It seemed to be lurking around the bathroom in the lower level, adding an eerie layer to the unfolding mystery.

Suddenly, Erin was consumed by a wave of unease. Merely two minutes later, a motion sensor in the lower level, far removed from the prying eyes of the investigators, sprung to life. I also then heard a whisper. Scott, quick on his feet, snapped a picture. There, on the right side of the frame, was a large, mysterious orb.

In the ensuing moments, the lower level erupted into a frenzy of activity. Motion sensors were tripped left and right, orbs were captured in numerous shots, and the investigators found themselves in the thick of thrilling interactions. It was nothing short of extraordinary!

When it settled down, I assigned the teams to split back up and start surveilling again. Tom and Rob went into the dirt room, and Scott and Erin went upstairs. Chris and I roamed around again. I heard what appeared to be a “yes” answer Rob.

Following a spell of minor happenings that lasted about an hour, the four of us (Chris, Scott, Erin, and I) ventured into the mud room - and boy, did things go wild! We were surrounded by a whirlwind of activity: motion sensors buzzing, audio signals pinging, visual apparitions appearing, and orbs captured in our photographs. Our investigators were having close encounters of their own. It was an electrifying climax to our thrilling evening!

As the cloak of night enveloped us, our adventure was reluctantly drawn to a close, honoring our pact with the establishment. We departed, our arms laden with a treasure trove of compelling evidence and thrilling encounters. Truly, it was an investigation that brimmed with unbridled excitement and intrigue!

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