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Case Files: Gettysburg, PA Private Residence

In 2007 and 2008, my cousins Chris, Scott, and I formulated and put together Project Gettysburg. It was there to give you the chance to experience Paranormal Investigating firsthand! Our Workshops were designed to teach the latest investigative techniques, equipment, and investigation protocol. Instead of a boring Ghost Tour, where clients hear about haunted locations, our instructors took clients inside and showed them hands-on what it was like to investigate the paranormal!

During this time, we secured access to a house on Middle Street in Gettysburg. It was an original house from during the battle and was large enough to have a team go through.

The house had a very eerie feeling. Despite the eeriness, the first floor wasn’t that active. However, the second floor and the attic were the most active in the location. We experienced EMF, or Electromagnetic, spikes in the hallway on the second floor, shadow figures moving around, and an occasional voice coming from down the hall.

We also had this one closet for some odd reason that was really active. The closet gave off EMF. And we experienced visual sightings of a man standing in the closet area when the door was open. Being a Civil War-era home, this closet may not have existed at that time or had been a hiding place for the residents or soldiers. In Gettysburg, while many residents hid in their basements, soldiers infiltrated the homes in search of shelter or better vantage points. It was common for residents to return to their homes after the battle only to find dead and dying soldiers throughout.

Our team experienced the most fun paranormal events in the attic. This large room had so much supernatural energy happening. We had shadow figures flying around us, audible answers to questions, “pixie dust” photography, electronic voice phenomena, and so much more.

In one instance, there was a sharp cold spot next to a guest investigator who felt as if someone was standing next to him. I also saw a bright light flash into a part of the attic as if an entity entered through a portal. We took a number of photographs, and we recorded sound.

In 2008, we returned home to perform two other investigations. Both also turned out to be incredible experiences.

The attic always satisfied our paranormal excitement. As previously mentioned, soldiers would infiltrate homes to search for better vantage points and the attic was the most common. In one instance, we had a reenactor and medium named Cindy come with us upstairs. She sensed several soldiers from Georgia.

To the previous point, the attic overlooked a good part of the exterior battlefield. It was by the Gettysburg School properties. So, it was an excellent spot for snipers or over-watch during the battle. It is little wonder that the attic was a paranormal hotspot.

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