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Case Files: Ghosts of Y2K: Cape May

Cape May, New Jersey is a city located at the southern tip of Cape May Peninsula in Cape May County. The area was originally inhabited by the Lenape Native Americans but was eventually settled by Dutch and English colonists in the early 17th century. The city was named after Cornelius Jacobsen Mey, a Dutch explorer who landed in the area in 1620. During the 18th and 19th centuries, Cape May became a popular summer destination for wealthy families from Philadelphia and New York City. The city's Victorian-style architecture and beaches attracted many tourists, and several grand hotels were built to accommodate them. In 1976, the entire city of Cape May was designated as a National Historic Landmark, recognizing its unique and well-preserved architectural and cultural heritage.

The year Y2K, or 2000, was an exciting year! Leading up to it, there was a pervading thought that all computers would be destroyed by the clock bug. In the spirit world, no one cared. South Jersey Ghost Research had the opportunity to visit several different locations throughout the town. Unfortunately, we couldn’t investigate during the evening hours when the hectic outside activities simmer down and the ambiance helped with the spiritual communications. But even though we had to investigate during the day, our locations didn’t hold back. Interestingly enough, on our November 9th, 1999, trip, I was contacted by a news crew from Germany to see if they could “tag along” on an investigation or two.

Our first stop was a bed and breakfast a little outside of town called the Windward House Bed and Breakfast. Built in the historic district and on one of the oldest streets in town, it was sure to be an experience! According to the owner, they had a ghost called Bridgette, who was hired as a servant and stayed in the third-floor room. The Windward estimated 6 to 8 reports a season of ghostly sightings in the house.

We entered the large blue house, which made us all feel as if it definitely took us back to the turn of the 19th into the 20th century with the 1900’s flair, and the intricate woodwork. There was a lot of energy “zinging” through the air. Hildred immediately sensed a spirit at the top of the stairs looking down. As I entered the stairs, I had several intuitive feelings of “take pictures.” In one of those photos, I was able to pick up on an orb like phenomena.

The most active room of the house was the Wicker Room, which is where there are numerous sightings of Bridgette. Dave J was able to capture an orb in the doorway. Outside the room, in the rear staircase, we started getting EMF activity, and spiritual communications in the form of psychic imprints towards Hildred.

After a few hours, and very little activity outside of the Wicker Room haunts, we proceeded over to the Coluvmns by the Sea, Bed and Breakfast.

This house looked like an old hotel converted into a bed and breakfast. It also looked as if we stumbled back into the early 1900’s. When one of our investigators went into room 10, she began to feel very sad and depressed. She sensed a young woman in there, who had possibly died in the room. While this was happening, Dave observed a woman sitting at the bed. Further, we captured an orb in the vicinity.

In room 11, next door, Hildred was sensing a lot of energy and activity. We were also able to capture that activity in photos.

After that, the energy calmed down. We only experienced some small fluctuations in temperature, and an EMF hit or two. We then packed up and went home.

On January 4th, 2000, we were invited back to Cape May, to investigate Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast. It was built in the 1850’s as a summer cottage, and then opened its doors as a BnB in 1990. It had a rich past of destruction, despair, and neglect. In 1989, John and Barbara Girton began renovations of the house and put $3.5 million into the property.

Unfortunately, we had to investigate in the daylight again, and were confined to only a few rooms on the property. One of the larger rooms is where we received a few weird electromagnetic field fluctuations and received several corresponding photos.

In another room, we started witnessing strange movements of a lamp, mirror and wicker chair that looked as if they moved by themselves. We were not able to find any mundane reasons for the movement of the objects.

There was a lot of interesting experiences in the Angel of the Sea, including visual sightings, and stories of death, including a young woman who forgot her room key one night, and tried to climb up the outside of the building to get it, when she slipped and fell to her death. We received some activity in that room as well.

Cape May was an extraordinary, haunted location, with many great stories and history to back it up! If you get a chance, unquestionably visit the town, and enjoy the many things to do in and out of the water, including the haunts!

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