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Case Files: NJPR Gettysburg Investigations 2000

In December of 2000, I had the opportunity to investigate one of the coolest, and most authentic places in the world in terms of ghosts and haunting, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Gettysburg ranks in the top five most haunted locations in the US. To make this adventure even better, we stayed at a location right on the battlefield. Unfortunately, that building is now demolished, and nothing is there anymore, except General Lee’s headquarters.

Gettysburg is a small town about an hour from Harrisburg, PA. In the historical context, The Battle of Gettysburg was a crucial Civil War battle in 1863. It was a three-day battle that resulted in a major victory for the Union and was the turning point of the war. The battlefield, or the national park spots surround the town. The battlefield though was throughout the 5,900 acres inside and out of the town lines.

The battle took place on July 1–3, 1863, in and around the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It was a Union victory that resulted in the retreat of Confederate forces under General Robert E. Lee and marked a turning point in the war. The Confederate forces, under Lee, had invaded the North and were marching towards Washington, D.C. Union forces under General George Meade were able to meet them in Gettysburg and, after three days of intense combat, the Union victory forced Lee to retreat. Over 50,000 soldiers were killed, wounded, or missing in the battle, making it one of the bloodiest battles of the war. Furthermore, due to the destruction of bridges leading into town by the two retreating armies, no help could reach the citizens of Gettysburg, who were left to deal with the bloody aftermath of the battle. To make matters worse, flooding rains poured down directly following the battle poisoning the town’s water supply with blood and gore.

We stayed in several incredible suites at the hotel. They were once locations the soldiers housed stayed. They also served as hospital locations throughout the battle.

We were invited up to investigate two locations outside of Gettysburg, one location we investigated 10 years later unbeknownst to the owners, but that will be in another blog.

The first location felt like this was more of a show than anything. Despite our team’s best professional effort, there were a few pieces of activity in the living room, as seen in the photos taken, but nothing extravagant. This location had little activity. What was extravagant, was the second location, in the center of town.

December the 3rd, 2000, the team investigated a location on Main Street, it was a small two-to-three-bedroom house, and we were contacted through our investigator Hildred to come over and check out what was going on in the house. When we got there, it was feeling a little weird, but nothing out of the ordinary for a paranormal investigator. We set up our equipment and prepared to do a walk-through of the house as a team.

Michael D., Chris W, Hildred, I, and a few others were in tow as we started in the basement. Michael had on his night vision goggles, with bionic earpiece on. Chris had the night vision camcorder and, I had my Sony Mavica digital camera and another 35mm as backup. The basement, however, didn’t really seem to active. We captured a few orbs here and there, but nothing to talk about.

We then made our way up to the second floor. We didn’t stop on the first floor because the first floor had a few people on it, and there was a lot of contamination. Up on the second floor, we walked around the bedrooms, and didn’t get any activity. Due to the lack of activity, we went into the attic, and that is where the fun began.

When we got up into the attic, we start feeling like we were not alone. It’s that feeling of walking into a crowded room. I was getting psychic impressions that there was a soldier in the attic, a couple of them. I was then “locking on” to one energy that literally if I felt they were in a specific location of the attic, I would point, and low and behold, there was an orb.

Then we started getting audible activity, and out two-way radios voices were everywhere. In the videos they started going bonkers. We started picking up on various names, one being Caleb. I picked up on him, a Caleb, then a Foster.

Suddenly, I felt an energy near me, and I told my photographers to take a picture. Then the client gasps and said that she “saw me standing next to me in a Union Uniform.” She described it as half of the spirit was inside me, and she saw the other half in uniform. It then hit me like a brick wall. I had recently dreamt of a woman’s picture, in a frame, drifting away from me, and underneath the picture, was a “Foster” written in calligraphy! I could very well have had a past life regression in the attic. Mind Blown!

I had to then go downstairs and regroup, for my own sanity. We discussed it and reorganized everyone’s perspectives. Also, I was interviewed by Hildred, along with filming by Chris. Unfortunately, I cannot find that footage, but will post it when I do!

Note: The next December of 2001, I'm walking through the stores of Gettysburg, only a couple of blocks from the investigation location, and something told me to look down.

When I asked to see inside, the ignorant shop keeper told me I had to buy it first. When asked how much it was, he said $2,000. Safe to say, I never got to see inside the box.

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