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Case Files: Residential Investigations of Japan

Being in Japan for a year and a half was an unbelievable experience, from a cultural and paranormal standpoint. The principal religion in Japan is Shintoism. Shintoism is an ancient religion that originated in Japan. It is a polytheistic religion that revolves around the worship of kami (gods), which are seen as supernatural forces that inhabit Nature. Shintoism is a nature-based religion that views Nature as sacred, and it emphasizes the importance of living in harmony with Nature. The main goal of Shintoism is to achieve inner harmony and peace.

Shintoism is based on the understanding that humans are connected to the kami, and that they should strive to honor them. The main ceremonies of Shintoism are the matsuri, which are festivals that celebrate the kami and honor the ancestors. Other ceremonies include those to celebrate the harvest and the changing of the seasons.

The main beliefs of Shintoism include the concept of kami, the belief in the afterlife, the idea of ritual purification, the importance of respecting Nature, and the importance of living a moral life. Kami are seen as supernatural forces that inhabit Nature and can influence human life. The afterlife is believed to be a place of peace and harmony where the souls of the departed are reunited with the kami. Ritual purification is performed to remove impurities and promote spiritual cleansing.

So, you can see why it was such a fascinating experience for a paranormal investigator. In my travels, I was able to investigate a few residential locations in and around the base I was stationed at in Misawa, Japan.

One location was a duplex on base, where the client had some wild sounds and visual shadows sighted throughout the house.

Throughout the investigation, we caught nothing audibly, but we did get several unexplained orb shots. We were able to wrap up this investigation with some further client counseling and cohabitation measures.

Another location we investigated was off base, called W393. I, Tanner H, Jeremy W, Zack B, and Ann WB went to help friends that were about to move in, look over the house on July 11, 2004. I entered the doorway and felt a presence in the hallway immediately. This presence was an unknown male. I felt him walk away from us and into the back bedrooms as we entered. When I reached the living room, I felt another male standing in the middle of the living room as well as a little girl in Bedroom 1.

At this point, my “Spidey senses” were going off. I had investigated enough that my clairvoyance capabilities were scary. I could have walked into a house, and started evaluating the house for spirits, naming off how they look, and names, how they died, and it would freak out the clients sometimes by the accuracy of my claims.

Zack and I felt a portal in the closet of Bedroom 1. This portal was dormant yet a stationary phenomenon that I didn’t feel was threatening. While the map crew was diagramming the residence, I interviewed the client. According to the client, she and her husband both came to the house on Friday, July 9th, the husband encountered a smoke smell in the back of Bedroom 2. When he left and brought her back, they encountered the smell in Bedroom 3 instead of 2.

After interviewing the client, we went and initiated “black out mode” and felt strong presences of both the elderly male and little girl in the front rooms and the younger male in the back room. As I entered the back bedroom 2, I started feeling pains in the gut. The younger male, I felt died from a powder gunshot wound during an older war or conflict. The older male I felt died from old age, and the young girl died of pneumonia.

After about an hour we experienced the three spirits throughout the house, there were no real hot spots. The young girl was very playful and excited to see us. And the older male greeted us with open arms. I did feel a small amount of rejection by the younger male, but no hostility. After the house, we moved into the garage and felt a huge amount of spirits and families from the cemetery across the street. I felt they were restricted only to the garage and not able to come into the house. These photos were taken seconds apart.

After numerous photos from the garage, we moved back into the house and finished our surveillance. Before we left, we said our goodbyes and asked them not to follow us home. I felt a warm goodbye from them as well.

This investigation showed the wonderful nature of spiritual Japan. Respect and cohabitation from both sides can lead to a peaceful living condition. Soon after this investigation was over, I was transferred back to NJ to end my enlistment. Which started SoulTrackers back in NJ.

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