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Roadside Americana-Dinosaur Land

In the tiny hamlet of White Post, VA, just outside of Winchester, lies a hidden Roadside gem called Dinosaur Land. Inspired by a vacation in Florida, Joseph Geraci, opened the doors of Dinosaur Land in the 1960’s. Geraci already owned and operated a gift shop in White Post called Rebel Corner and wanted to replicate the fiberglass dinosaurs he had seen while in Florida at a mini golf course. Soon, he realized that the dinosaurs should be the main attraction and dubbed his giftshop and new attraction Dinosaur Land. The name and sign he modeled off of the Disneyland sign combined with a dinosaur mouth similar to the gaping gator mouth of Florida’s Gatorland. Florida stood as a haven of kitschy roadside attractions once upon a time. This occurred in the days before the likes of Disney World and Universal Studios. It is no wonder that Geraci was so deeply influenced by his visit.

Admission to the park is quite reasonable. Children 2-10 years old are $6.00 while adults are $8.00. While open most of the year, it is always best to check the website to verify hours. They also offer exclusive group rates for children’s groups, so plan your child’s dinosaur themed birthday party here! The entire park is outdoors, and the park does not close for rain or snow. That said, proper clothing and shoes is necessary.

This slice of Roadside Americana is preserved in its original glory. Here you will not find the latest animatronic, hyper-realistic, state of the art dinosaurs. But, if you have an open mind and a sense of wonder (and fun) you will 100% enjoy your visit! Every display offers excellent photo opportunities. Additionally, there is a life size King Kong style sculpture with stairs leading to the hand. Fay Wray anyone?

While adults may notice the shabbier aspects of the sculptures, children will not. All they will see are life sized dinosaurs. So, overlook the wear and tear that is natural and embrace Dinosaur Land’s kitschy wonderfulness. The giftshop is quite large and pays homage to its origins of Rebel Corner. Virginia is a civil war state and played a pivotal role in the events that shaped our nation. As such, many are proud of their heritage. The gift shop offers retro items as well as dinosaur themed, civil war themed, and even Native American themed keepsakes. It offers a little bit of everything. Dinosaur Land is a place we went without small children and had a wonderful time. Our personal social media had everyone interested in our adventurous trip through time. If you are in the area, it is worth a visit no matter your age!

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