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Hampshire County, WV Bigfoot

WV Explorer magazine recently published an article on Sasquatch sightings in the state. It related that the incidence of sightings in the southern part of the state were on the rise. While, located in the northern panhandle, sasquatch sightings have been reported in Hampshire County, West Virginia for many years. There have been numerous reports of a large, hairy, ape-like creature roaming through the woods of the County. The sightings have mostly been reported near the river. However, others have occured in the northern parts of the county, near the border with Maryland and Pennsylvania. In recent years, the Sasquatch legend has become a popular topic in Hampshire County as locals and visitors alike have become fascinated by the stories and reports of the mysterious creature.

April 1982

An investigator for a group researching Bigfoot and UFO’s sent an investigator to Hampshire County, WV. A local man had reported to the newspaper that he had a bigfoot encounter earlier in the year at Capon Bridge. The local man reported encountering a bigfoot creature near his home on Schaffenaker Mountain.

The man reported hearing noises outside his home one evening. Upon looking outside, he saw what is commonly considered a Sasquatch. When asked why he did not go outside and investigate, he responded that he was too frightened. Furthermore, he was still visibly shaken upon speaking of the incident during his interview.

Locals met this account with a general dose of skepticism. The witness is a know prankster and has an infamously devilish personality. However, the following report occurred in the same vicinity as this incident and it is unlikely that the two are unrelated.


In 1986, a father and son who were turkey hunting have reported being terrorized by two sasquatches near Capon Bridge. On a drizzly foggy day, a father and son were in the woods hunting. Visibility was such that they could only see 50-75 feet in front of them. They soon heard what they initially believed to be a flock of turkeys. Then, it sounded as if the flock had split up and the pair could hear themselves being flanked to the left and right. When duo heard branches breaking, they realized that it was something else that was circling them.

The sounds were growing closer boxing the father and son in as they walked. Soon out of the mist they saw what looked to be an eight foot tall black gorilla. It stood a mere 15 feet away. In awestruck fear, they stared at the creature. It then growled at the pair and lunged forward. A few feet away, the men turned and began shouting and waving their arms in an attempt to frighten the creature. What they didn’t realize is another was creeping up behind them. Soon, it grasped the shoulder of the father. The son pulled his father away from the beast which appeared to be a female.

The men and beasts continued this dance of dominance until they began firing their guns in the air. When asked why they didn’t shoot the creatures, they responded that they looked too human. The creatures had large human like teeth, their noses looked like a cross between human and gorilla, and their hands and feet look human rather than animal.

They managed to collect hair samples for analyzation according to the book Bigfoot Across America. Researchers from the lab in Washington, DC were cautious in their assessment. They reported that the samples came from some primate species. Further, the hair analysis revealed that it did not come from a gorilla or any other common form of monkey. Nor did it come from a human or non-primate animal.

June 2005

On a Father’s Day weekend camping trip, one couple had the surprise of their lives. The pair were staying at a campground along the river near Route 50 in Romney, WV. They had spent the day enjoying canoeing along the river and taking in the abundant wildlife of the region. After a long day on the river, the couple retired for bed at around ten pm.

Naturally, sleep came swiftly, and both fell into a deep and peaceful slumber. During the night however a loud noise awoke the wife. Having been awakened out of a peaceful rest, she sat there trying to collect her wits and determine what noise had woken her. Then a loud screaming howl cut through the air. After a couple more howls she woke her husband who after hearing the noise dressed quickly and left the tent to investigate.

The moon was almost completely full that night and shone brightly. A family camping nearby were very quietly sitting around their campfire also listening intently. The howls were moving away from the campground down river. Cattle from farms in that direction were making a racket in agitation. Upon chatting with the family around the campfire, they discovered that they had heard the same noise.

October 2006

Off Route 29, in Augusta, WV, a sasquatch family was observed. This had been the most recent of events when reported to They had previously witnessed a creature in September of that year. However, the witness reports that she had been seeing the creatures since moving to the rural home in the 1990’s. Most sightings occurred in the evening.

The family of sasquatch are described as being a family of three. Their fur is between three and four inches long and brown in color. Upon follow up inquiries, the investigator for the organization heard calls coming from the woods where the sightings occurred.


While there does not appear to be more recent sightings in Hampshire County, this doesn’t mean an absence of sightings. People tend to be reluctant to come forward to report sightings in fear of ridicule. This is a very valid fear as one look at the comments on Facebook regarding WV Explorer magazine recent article on the subject will attest. If you have had a sighting, your ware encouraged to submit it to The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, founded in 1995, has a sighting database that is growing every day.

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