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Of Aliens and Fairies

Today, most think of fairies as cute little creatures somewhere along the line of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. However, there is a growing consideration that fairies are in fact early accounts of alien encounters. A previous article here on our blog site discusses how fairies are not what we tend to envision and the realm of the fae is rather vast with all sorts of beings. If you listen to our podcast, trolls and goblins fall into the realm of fae as do gnomes. The alien/fairy connection is intriguing and raises numerous questions. Ufologists claim fairies are early descriptions of aliens. Meanwhile fairyologists claim that aliens are modern aliens.

Tuatha Dé Danann

According to the Lebor Gabála Érenn, or Book of Invasions, the Tuatha De Danann arrived in Ireland in dark clouds and landed on the mountain of the Conmaicne Rein territory. It goes on to relate that their arrival brought darkness with it, and it was dark for three days and nights. Further, they burnt their ships so that they could not leave and the smoke and mist that rose from the fire filled the air. The legend began that they arrived in clouds of mist. They are said to have come from heaven as they were exceedingly intelligent. This race ruled Ireland for many years until being driven underground. It is believed that many of their kings and queens went on to rule the fairy realm.

Beings that came from the clouds. Who had great intellect. Possessed mystical powers. Brought mist in their wake. Sounds a little science fiction, doesn’t it?


One legend of fairylore is that fairies have been known to abduct people. Sometimes this is for a short period of time and sometimes, the abductee never returns. Those that were returned have had terrifying memories of their encounters and at times returned with strange marks upon their bodies.

Legends of the Slua Sidhe, a fiery and angry race of fairy, say that they travel through the air. In some legends they have been known to lift people into the sky. Further, those that were hit with this fairy wind were often left ill and perhaps deranged in the mind.

An intriguing aspect of fairylore is that time flows differently in the fairy realm. For those who have been taken, they can live for many years in the realm of fae yet, return with little to no time having passed. However, the reverse can also be said. For example, only one night has passed in the fairy realm and yet, on earth many years have gone by.

The Maran in fairy folklore has been reported to cause sleep paralysis. They also have been known to cause an overwhelming fear to those in their beds.


Many of the above aspects of fairy sound hauntingly familiar within the realm of ufology. In the wake of WWII the world entered the Atomic Age. This created both fear and excitement. It was during the Second World War that numerous reports of UFO’s occurred. Roswell is perhaps the most famous of these reports.

Foo Fighters, no not the band, were reported by numerous flight crews during the war. Foo Fighters are spherical balls of light following their planes. These balls of light travelled at over 200 mph, appeared in different colors alone or with a group, and never showed up on radar.

There is a group of believers today that feel a race of alien being lives underground. Some feel this race controls the world governments. Kind of like the early kings and queens of the fairy realm maybe?

Why Now?

Perhaps it is not a coincidence that incidents of UFO’s spiked at the same time as reports of fairies diminished. With the explosion of atomic culture and aliens in the wake of WWII, pop culture has ingrained upon modern people the concept of the alien. Also, following the war, people were frightened as America and Russia entered into a Cold War and the threat of a nuclear explosion was a seeming probability.

One may argue the distinct difference in appearance. However, there are many beings within the realm of the fae. An aspect of fairy folklore is that fairies are adept at using glamour. This means that they can appear in any way they wish. Some believe that aliens are simply fairies using glamour to trick people into believing they are seeing an alien rather than a fairy.

So why now? Fairyologists may argue that fairies have simply altered the way in which they are seen. Pop culture has convinced us that aliens are real and have taught us how an alien should look. In theory, those who believe in fairies see fairies while those who believe in aliens see aliens.

Thank you for reading!

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