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Case Files: Bedford, NY

In January of 2005, SoulTrackers was back in New Jersey. After a two year station in Japan, I was back in my home state and doing investigations with my team. On January 8, 2005, I was contacted by someone that needed help in Bedford, NY. Our client had experienced uncommon cold spots, issues with the electronics, and one instance in which a ceiling fan short circuited while the client’s son was playing in the playroom. Also, their 2 year old would wake up in the middle of the night, crying, and stated that someone was “waking him up.” It was quite an experience and they needed help immediately.

We did a preliminary sketch and interview of the house. The home dated back to the late 1800’s. While I was doing the walk through, I was picking up on a lot of activity, which I will get to in the full investigation descriptions.

We scheduled the investigation the following weekend and hit the ground running. When we arrived on January 15th, we were greeted by a representative of the family. The clients left the house and didn’t return all week.

When I entered the house, I immediately felt as if we were being watched from the stairs on the second floor. Despite the eerie feeling, we set up all the equipment to include surveillance cameras, motion sensors, EMF meters, etc. In the attic I also felt a strong male presence around me and felt as if he was trying to communicate with me. After the equipment was set up, we went lights out at 10:06pm.

Pam, Kevin, and I proceeded to the attic where I had felt the male spirit reaching out to conduct a sit down surveillance. When we arrived at the attic, I immediately picked up on a spirit near the doorway going down the stairs. This spirit was confused and wondering what we were there for.

I conversed verbally with the spirit and asked, “why he was in the attic?”

He stated, in my mind’s eye, he “was confined to the attic.”

I asked “why” again.

His answer was that “he didn’t like the house.”

I asked, “why he didn’t like the house” and his answer was because “he died in the house.” When taking pictures, I received several orbs in the general vicinity of the doorway.

I also psychically felt that the spirit in the Attic was confused and didn’t really understand he was dead. I stated to the spirit he “was dead” and there was a flicker in the attic light a few moments later.

I did sense there might have been a second spirit in the attic, but I wasn’t sure.

After our session in the attic, we proceeded downstairs into Bedroom 4 (Blue Room) and stationed ourselves there for several minutes. At 10:35pm I was sitting on the bed taking pictures in Bedroom 4 and felt fingers on the back of my head. Pictures, however, came up negative around me.

We then left Bedroom 4 and proceeded to Bedroom 2 (Crib Room) where we conversed with the spirits of a grandfather and a child spirit.

Question, “What is your name?” “Jimmy” Child’s Voice in Response.

Question, “How Old Are Your?” “6” Child’s Voice in Response.

Male Voice came across “That’s Enough Jim.”

Question, “Your 6 yrs. Old?” “Yes” Child’s Voice in Response.

Question, “Timmy?” “Lubman, or Lutman” Child’s Voice in Response.

While we were conversing, we could hear additional conversations in the foyer outside the room. We caught this in the foyer:

“Alright.” Male 1 Voice.

“Talk to the man?” Male 2 Voice.

“No” Child’s Voice.

“Jim, You Act Up!” Male 2 Voice.

Kevin and I also heard a sound like a large breath, like someone trying to say something in the office adjacent to us.

After the conversations and activity in Bedroom 2, we decided to head back down and regroup at the command table. At this point there was a little activity in the den and playroom next to the kitchen where we set up everything. The team went over to focus on that area.

I immediately caught pixie dust above the flash around 11:40pm and caught a lot of orbs.

Kevin and I proceeded back up to the attic to do some more work. At 12:20a, I was watching the doorway going downstairs and visually sighted a partial shoulder at about midway up the pane of the door in the Attic.

At that point I directed Kevin to take a picture and he received an orb in his picture.

After several minutes of surveillance in the attic. We proceeded back down to Bedroom 4 and set up surveillance there. In Bedroom 4 we received orb activity, and I was touched on the back of the head by unknown fingers again! These photos were taken in the general vicinity and time-frame.

Afterward I went back downstairs to the first floor and conducted surveillance around the first floor rooms for another hour or two until we decided to wrap up the investigation and proceed home.

I did speak with the spirits during the investigation and recommended cohabitation with the clients and allowing the children and family to sleep in the house. The child spirit was supposedly waking up the living child to play. Which I told the 6 year old spirit to play with him in the morning or afternoons, not in the middle of the night.

The clients let us know a few weeks later that the activity lowered, and they were able to live comfortably in their house.

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