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Case Files: Philadelphia 2004

In October of 2004, I was contacted by a couple living in Philadelphia, that reported the family had a lot of activity happening in their house. This activity included sounds, smells of grease and perfume, movement of objects, cold and hot spots, electrical issues, physical touches, and affected pets. Ann and I went out to conduct the interviews on October 18th and met with the owners.

Initially the house was interesting. The home had a heavy feeling to it. The three story house was built in 1896. It used to be a boarding house, doctor’s office, cemetery plot, and family residence. The neighborhood residents had experiences as well. Multiple historical backgrounds showed previous lawyer’s offices to doctor’s offices. The clients walked us through the house beginning in the basement. I felt a lot of curious energies in this space. Some were children.

From the basement we walked up the stairs to the first and on to the second floor. One of the clients stated he had felt something pass through and go upstairs on the main staircase in the past. Smells of flowers, mountain air, and perfume were reported all over the house. Even on the second floor, the family’s 3 year old son ran down the hallway saying, “don’t let the man in”, slammed the bedroom door and stated “it’s a cop.”

Additionally, radios have turned on and off, and the residents had been touched on the back of the arm and neck by unknown hands. After our walk-through of the home, we wrapped up the interviews, mapping, and set a date up for November to investigate with a full team. During this time, it was noted that the family was also doing renovations several months prior to us coming. They had found bones under the kitchen floor and discarded them. So, we were in for a hell of a ride!

On November 6, 2004, we had a team of 12 come to the house to investigate. This was a great team, and we were able to split up into 4 teams, along with a command element, to go throughout the house on all the floors simultaneously.

The team set up cameras, started taking initial readings, discussing what to do next immediately after arrival. We were also interviewing the witnesses again to catch up on the weeks we were away. One of the investigators, Linda, experienced tingling on the back of her neck with internal feelings of nervousness. She also felt a man in blue running around the upstairs bedroom. She then got a nasty headache as she approached the 2nd floor.

We went lights out and started our surveillance with teams in the basement, kitchen, and second floor in two bedrooms. We had the place covered, and it didn’t take long for activity to ramp up.

This was caught on the second floor when Linda felt the man again in the blue, standing in the bedroom. In the back bedroom Linda could feel weight on her right leg and felt love. She felt this was the little girl holding on. In bedroom three Tim stated “I know Jon; I can’t breathe right; remember the last time I got those pictures. I can’t breathe, whatever it is it’s on me.” Then a male whisper comes across our device saying “NO.”

In the basement, there was a lot of shadow activity, and the team was communicating visually with the entities. Then we caught another EVP on the third floor, attic area, and a female said, “come into me”.

After that, Linda saw an orb fly out of bedroom 3. This was captured.

A few minutes later, the bedroom 3 team visually saw a shadow figure, while Linda had a pain in the neck. Susan then saw that same black figure transition from Bedroom 3 to 4. After a little bit, we did something different, we contact Hildred R, our psychic investigator, who was in Gettysburg, PA. On the phone, in the basement, she told me, a boy 10-11 years old was murdered in the basement located with the writing on the wall.

A man was murdered in the general area and the boy’s name is Thomas, and this man is around him. Walking around the basement, Hildred sensed a 10-11 year old girl crying under the stairs. She wore a white dress and had blonde hair.

Thomas had long hair; Buster Brown (Dutch Boy) looks of child (boy/girl). Girl felt safe here; she’s she was soon calmed in the basement. Hildred also received the name of Jenny and many other children along with an older man. She was also able to get on the phone with one of the clients and talk to them about the house.

After the conversation with Hildred, on the first floor, one of our clients saw a man in the mirror adjacent to him. He then felt someone on him, like someone going into his body continuously like an overcoat being put on, 1 then 2 then 3 and 4 overcoats. Three minutes later upstairs on the second floor, in bedroom 1, a little girl was visually seen moving around, then giant orbs were seen as if it were snowing. There was a lot of activity in both bedrooms 1 and 2.

A little bit later, in the basement, Tim and his team came across the smell of roses as well as temperature drops. One of the client’s legs started hurting, and he experienced trouble breathing. It was like a psychic response to a spirit regarding how they passed.

After a grueling several hours, we were all beat tired and ready to wrap up the investigation. We cleansed the area with sage and said a few prayers for the souls and clients in the house. The clients felt a little better about the identification of the spirits in the house. They knew that some were protecting, some were lost and trapped, and some were traumatic residuals of their former lives. We were able to make peace and give cohabitation to all in this investigation.

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