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Case Files: Chestnut Hall B&B

For several years, we were privileged to explore a very para-normally active bed and breakfast in New Oxford, PA. This establishment, known as the Chestnut Hall Bed and Breakfast, is a prime example of Victorian elegance.

In 2010, we conducted a collective inquiry involving numerous participants, coinciding with a solar storm, an electrical storm, and a full moon! One might assume that we were stepping into a gateway to the underworld, expecting to witness remnants from the past. Surprisingly, that wasn't the case! Despite the lightning and thunder, we managed to gather a moderate amount of evidence.

To begin with, we divided ourselves into two stationary teams, along with a mobile team. This arrangement placed one team on the first floor, another on the second, and a third team that moved around the house, extending to the outdoor garden and carriage house. Immediately, the mobile team ventured into the dining room, where they sensed the presence of a woman dressed in Victorian attire. They proceeded to take photographs of this, capturing the scene and then taking several more photos at intervals.

In the stillness of the night, a member of the mobile investigation team observed a fleeting sight of a small girl darting down the hallway and disappearing down the staircase on the second floor. This ephemeral vision lasted only for a brief moment. The team's dedicated photographer, with a keen eye and quick reflexes, managed to capture this intriguing occurrence in an image. This photograph, now a crucial piece of evidence, added a new layer of mystery to our ongoing investigation.

I was on the first floor most of the night, working with the ghost box in the parlor. We were getting all sorts of “hits” on the box in relation to “There is a Gallows Here.” Also, a lot of “James Getty,” which was the founder of Gettysburg, PA. Gettysburg was only a 15-minute drive down the main street.

He came through predominantly in a few questions. I had a feeling we were talking to him as I asked, “Is this James Getty, the founder of Gettysburg?” and a female came across and answered, “yes, it is.”

That was an absolutely thrilling experience! Not only were there numerous remarks concerning a hidden fortune but there were also lingering traces from past conflicts. This is largely due to the fact that this area once served as a makeshift hospital during times of war.

In 2011, a compact group of investigators made their way back to the enigmatic house with the intention of conducting further exploratory work and attempting to establish contact with the unknown. On this occasion, the investigation was carried out by a single team, adopting a roaming approach to their exploration.

The investigation commenced in the parlors; the rooms filled with an eerie silence that was only broken by our own footsteps. From there, we gradually navigated our way toward the backyard, a place that had previously been a hotbed of inexplicable occurrences.

The backyard, under the cloak of darkness, seemed to be teeming with unusual activity. We observed shadowy figures that seemed to flit in and out of our vision, their forms elusive and fleeting. Along with these visual anomalies, we also detected some audible disturbances. The sounds were not easily identifiable, but they were distinct enough to be heard over the natural noises of the night. The backyard, it seemed, was alive with a presence that we could not see but could certainly feel.

Following the series of events that unfolded in the backyard, our group decided to retreat back into the confines of the house, gradually making our way up to the bedrooms located on the second floor. In these rooms, we experienced a flurry of activity that was concentrated primarily in the hallway. The sounds of giggles echoed through the space, accompanied by subtle movements that suggested the presence of a young girl.

Intrigued by these occurrences, we attempted to conduct a ghost box session in hopes of making further contact.

Despite our best efforts, the session yielded insignificant results. However, we remained undeterred, eager to continue our exploration and uncover more about the mysterious happenings within the house.

Chestnut Hall, an exceptional and historically rich locale, was teeming with spiritual activity. This place was not only abundant in historical significance but also home to numerous spirits, making it a fascinating intersection of the tangible past and the ethereal present.

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