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Case Files: Ghosts of Y2K: Last Investigations with SJGR

Around the turn of 1999 into 2000, my passion as a paranormal investigator increased and was enhanced by the ability to go out and investigate locations around New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. On November 19, 1999, and June 2, 2000, I had the opportunity to investigate Gabriel Davies Tavern in Glendora, NJ. The Gabriel Davies Tavern in Glendora, NJ is a historic bar and restaurant that has been a staple of the local community for more than two centuries.

The tavern was originally established in 1815 by Gabriel Davies, a local farmer and tavern owner. Gabriel had settled in Glendora in the 1700s and was one of the earliest settlers in the area. He saw the potential in the small town and decided to open a tavern and inn. The tavern quickly became a popular spot for locals and travelers alike and Gabriel ran it successfully until his death in 1817. The tavern then passed to his son, Daniel Davies, who ran it until 1845. After Daniel's death, the tavern was passed on to his son, William Davies. William ran the tavern until 1883, when it was taken over by his son, John Davies. John ran the tavern until his death in 1910.

After John's death, the tavern was passed on to his son, Thomas Davies. Thomas ran the tavern until his death in 1960. At that point, the tavern was taken over by Thomas' son, Robert Davies. Robert ran the tavern until his death in 1980. The tavern then passed to Robert's son, John Davies. It is a Nationally Registered historic location.

It was listed in the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Historic Preservation Office in 1973 (ID# 958), and the National Register of Historic Places in 1977 (NR reference #: 77000858). The original furnishings are still in the house. Further, there are still bloodstains in the attic from its past as a hospital. This building has also been referred to as The Hillman Hospital House because it was designated a hospital by George Washington during the Revolution. On occasion, people have observed someone walking in the upstairs rooms, lights in the windows and strange sounds of people suffering.

When our team arrived at the house, we could feel the history! We were drawn to the attic of the tavern where we set up remote temperature sensors, numerous EMF detectors, motion detectors and infrared video cameras. Many of the photos below were taken when a positive reading was recorded on an EMF detector. This was where the blood stains remained, and the energy was high.

In the living room of the house, Anne P, one of our investigators, sensed a spirit near her. We were able to capture an orb next to her. Unfortunately, with the technology the way it was, and the archives almost 22 years old, it’s hard to get a good photo from the investigations, or video for that matter.

In the dining room, we had several shadows visually seen, and I was following one of them through the first floor of the house. Very active location!

On March 24, 2000, and May 5, 2000, SJGR was tasked to investigate and help a family in Roxboro, PA (Philadelphia). We did two investigations, and the residents feared the activity that was happening. We set up our equipment, and interviewed the witnesses, family, etc., like a crime scene investigation. Surveillance was also key to picking up anything from the house. We found spirit activity in various part of the home, especially the living room, the upstairs hallway and bedrooms.

Among the physical evidence gathered were many photos of spirit orbs. An orb is one of the many ways that spirits appear on film. It is believed that cameras capture spirits because they are capturing an event in a split second, faster than the human eye can. Often a person will not see anything at the time of the photo. The camera captures the pure image, as it is, energy, without having a brain to interpret the data first. All the positive photos have been included on a floppy disk! Yes, I’m dating this!

The trained photographers in our group have checked the photos that we have labeled as positive ones and they assure us that there are no natural causes for the anomalies we have pointed out. The team also recorded anomalous electromagnetic field readings on their EMF meters. An EMF meter is reading the fluctuations in electromagnetic fields. When we first arrive, we took preliminary readings and map out the locations of power lines, appliances and other EMF sources. Most normal readings are in the range of 9.0 - 30.0 on the EMF meter. These are typical EMF readings in a home. Anything that registers in the 1.0 to the 8.0 ranges and cannot be traced to a source is attributed to spirit activity. It is commonly accepted that spirits are made up of energy and that EMF meters detect that low level of energy accurately. The team also experienced numerous temperature drops. Temperature drops are common in hauntings. It is believed that spirits use the heat energy in the air as a power source.

I took this photo in living room while investigator Tim and Mike were logging in steady positive EMF readings around the couch where I was sitting.

In one instance, I got a sharp headache and told the guys to take a picture. Notice the orb in one of the pictures on my forehead.

At the end of my tenure with South Jersey Ghost Research, and the beginning of my spiritual journey into investigations, I investigated 50 – 75 different cases and locations throughout the Tri-State area!

I wanted to expand, and move on in the South Jersey area, so leaving SJGR, I formulated NJPR or New Jersey Paranormal Research and went beyond and into the future!

SJGR September 1999

1. Chris Williams

2. Evan Saltzberg

3. Jenn Makula

4. Jeff Wilkins

5. Evan Gollihur

6. Cindy Huntsinger

7. Harry Thomas

8. Courtney Boulton

9. Guest 1: John

10. Hildred Robinette

11. Guest 2: Lynn

12. Tom Callanan

13. Dave Juliano

14. Anne Palagruto

15. Andy Schumann

16. John Weatherby

17. Jon Williams

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