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Case Files: Haunting at Rowan Dorm

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Mansion Park Apartments 1999

After my first investigation, I became hooked! In this next case, we received a report on our GeoCities website (yes that is dating us!) and asked for assistance in the next town over from where Paranormal Spiritual Investigations was operating in Pitman, NJ. It took place at a dorm room at Rowan University. Rowan had a history of haunting with reports of objects moving by themselves and the spirits of former residents and faculty that roamed the grounds.

It was March 19th of 1999, Angel of Mine by Monica was #1 on the music charts, the first Matrix movie had yet to premiere, and our paranormal group was still in its infancy. By this time, I had hosted a few meetings at the Pitman Library, conducted a couple of cemetery expeditions, and gained a few new team members. One of the new members was a gifted medium by the name of Hildred Robinette. After we worked a couple cemetery investigations with her, she fit right into the team!

Additionally, I began communicating with Dave Juliano who ran a website out of NJ called The Shadowlands. Most know Dave today as the owner of The Ghost Hunter Store. After meeting at a local mall, we set up a new group, which later became South Jersey Ghost Research. We also began working with a New York team headed by Dave Umbria, who apprenticed under Ed and Lorraine Warren. It was an exciting time, and we were ready to get the party started!

But I digress, back to the paranormal case! We set up a time and date and went to the Mansion Park Apartment Complex at Rowan University to investigate. There our new integrated team met our client along with couple of college students who stuck around to watch. Our client stated that there were things that happened like lights turning on or off, shadow figures in the hallway, and smells coming from weird locations throughout the residence.

Within the first hour, Hildred picked up on two spirits, a James, and Andy. James was an older man, that seemed to protect younger Andy. Fortunately, though, they were both glad to interact and see us, one being able to communicate through the living room lamp through lights flickering according to the client.

Throughout the investigation, we relied heavily upon the more scientific side of our investigation by using technology. We set up through the apartment and monitored EMF through a Tri-field meter and Temperature, to detect paranormal activity.

While walking through a hallway, one investigator began to smell cigar smoke emanating through the area. It was at this point that Hildred felt drawn to the back bedroom. She, Dave J, and I went there to psychically communicate with the entity. There, Hildred sensed a tall shadow behind her, and prompted her to swing around and take a photo.

Photo of the Anomaly by Hildred Robinette

Upon evidence review we found a green and black mist in the center of the photo on her digital camera. Please remember, this was 1999 and our team was still working with cameras that required film and low quality digital cameras (3 Megapixel was the deal!) Hildred called out to the team and as the rest of the team joined us in the bedroom, Hildred sensed the entity moved into the living room, which Dave and I followed suit, and prompted me to take the below photo. There was a 10 degree temperature drop in the adjacent bedroom, and everyone started to smell the smoke. 20 minutes later, the team was walking back into the back bedrooms and the light in the living room turned on.

Portal Picture in the Living Room (Line to the Left)

In addition to the bedroom sightings and the living room fun, I even saw a block orb fly through the kitchen. In progressing throughout the night, we recorded a 2.4 on the EMF Meter (Which was a great find meaning there was electromagnetic energies around.) and we had an 8 degree temperature drop in the living room which moved into the back bedroom.

What experiences!

Since this investigation, the apartment complex has been demolished. Rowan University continued to be haunted by the spirits of deceased staff and student. Our night investigating was an amazing experience and an incredible second residential investigation for our fledgling team!

RIP Hildred Robinette...You will always be in our hearts! Until we meet again.

Dec 16, 1938 - Sep 18, 2022

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