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Case Files: Little Round Top Gettysburg

Little Round Top is an incredible and beautiful location in Gettysburg, PA on the Gettysburg Battlefield. Throughout the years, it was a place of relaxation and solace. A place to come and think, as well as take in the beauty of the land.

Even though this case file is about Little Round Top, the funny thing was nothing really happened in that area besides relaxation. But up on that ridge, to the “flank” of the attack, on to the hill, the 20th Maine was a major point of interest and paranormal hotspot.

The 20th Maine Monument and location have parking to the right of the initial intersection you come up to before driving or walking up the hill. Even on the top, there is a trail that winds down to the right of the parking lot up on the top crest.

Now this is where the fun begins. At 9:50 pm on 19 June 2006, the team of Tim, Hildred, and I arrived at the 20th Maine parking area where the trail leads up to Chamberlain’s Monument. As soon as the team stopped and turned the vehicle off, they started snapping pictures. Nothing supernatural appeared right away but around 9:54 pm was when things started getting interesting. Tim and I started to walk up to the top of the ridgeline. We initially felt a strong energy emanating from near the vehicle behind us as we walked away as if being watched by a presence that we could not see. When we reached the top, I received three orb photos back-to-back in three consecutive minutes in the general area of the trail.

At 9:57 pm, while we were at the top of the ridge, Tim took a picture, and in the peripheral of the flash, he saw a soldier standing about 30 yards from him at the road walking down to the stop sign intersection. A few minutes later the team started feeling overwhelmed with spiritual energy and felt that claustrophobic. It felt as if there were several spirits crowding into the general area. I felt strong psychic feelings of soldiers around the vehicle down below. Tim was getting a few orb shots but needed more solid evidence, as was Hildred.

At 9:59 pm after the last orb shot was taken just as the team piled into the car again and pulled out of the parking space to leave.

As the car stopped backing up to go forward, my window was still down on the driver’s side, along with Tim’s back passenger window and Hildred’s passenger front was open a crack. Suddenly a huge overwhelming scent of BLACK POWDER filled the car. Simultaneously Tim and I then Hildred sniffed and asked, “You smell that?” “That’s GUNPOWDER!” Due to the park closing at 10:00 pm, we had to leave. That was an amazing first encounter with the 20th Maine.

After a couple of weeks, the team returned on 3 July for another round. Tim and I climbed up the ridge while Hildred hung out around the car.

At the top of the ridge, Tim and I were immediately surrounded by supernatural energy again. We started to see shadows moving along the rock wall as if soldiers were preparing their defenses. Despite this, in the complete darkness, there was a feeling of serenity up on the ridge.

Then we experienced a huge temperature drop of an estimated 5-10 degrees and began to feel as if we were being watched. We looked into a small haze that had risen and started to hear footsteps, talking, and clanging from canteens very faintly along the stone walls of the hill. Orb activity was present on camera as well as some ectoplasm shots. An oncoming car on the road down below swung around the curb towards the intersection and the warmth came back, and the eerie feelings disappeared. It was an intense moment that will forever be engrained in my memory.

As the energy returned to normal, Tim and I commenced over the hill even further. There, we felt a presence around a tree next to the “reserves pocket” at the back row of stone at the Union line. Tim visually saw a Union soldier against a tree around 2129 and I took a photo that confirmed his sighting with orb activity. In the flash of the camera, I visually saw the same soldier next to the tree. After several negative pictures, we returned to the monument.

As we walked back I kept receiving the same orbs in the same location at whatever angle I took the pictures, at 2132.

I felt the urge to head over to one of the areas along the stone wall. As I got there we experienced a small temperature drop and a large electro feeling began to surround my and Tim’s body. I then felt what I thought was a bug land on my leg. I swatted down at it and took this picture which received an orb.

After that picture at 2134, Tim felt something touch and pull the sleeve of his shirt. At the same time, he heard a laugh in the back of his right ear. At this point, we proceeded back to the 20th Maine Monument and settled around there for a few minutes. Hildred soon called us down to see a photograph. Unfortunately, I did not get that photo, but it had several orbs on the road by the intersection.

We returned the next year in 2007, with Scott who was able to take this picture up by the monument.

A couple of years later, on July 2nd and 24th, 2009, I and a couple of other investigators, Richard, and Tom, trekked up to the Monument to investigate. One of the funniest and most memorable moments was when I was on the ridge on the 24th, and we were doing EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena work. Suddenly Richard heard a whisper coming from between Tom and me. Richard asked, “If you’re here on this hill, and you can’t get off, why? What’s preventing you?” In reviewing the EVP, we thought it said “Hooker.”

In my dirty-minded wisdom thought, “Why a hooker?” When reviewing the history of the Battle, General Hooker was the commanding General at the start of the battle and was then relieved of his command, and General Meade took over. At the time, we didn’t know this, but the soldiers might have still thought Hooker was in charge, ordering the troops to maintain a defensive posture.

The 20th Maine ridge-line and monument was one of the most energetic, and active locations, away from the normal “haunts” like Devil’s Den, or the Wheatfield that to this day is a hot spot for activity!

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