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Case Files: The Beginning of SoulTrackers: Oaklyn Investigation

By January 18, 2002, SoulTrackers was in full gear! We had conducted a few cemetery investigations over the holidays, but no major research. Speaking from experience, I do not recommend investigating cemeteries. I know that I have said this before, but it bears repeating. Cemeteries often do not contain the souls of the dead, but rather, beings which feed on fear and grief. But I digress. In October, we were also featured on Cablevision's Haunted Halloween Edition, where I talked about the full body apparition, and all the work we as a team were doing.

For our latest investigation, the house was a two bedroom, one bath home, in Oaklyn, NJ. The clients contacted us because they were experiencing the following:

- Sweet Smells

- Audible Name Calling

- Movement of Small Objects

- Trouble Sleeping, Night Sweats, and Nightmares

- Bothered Pets (Dog)

There was also a note that the nephew of the client passed away shortly before this investigation unexpectedly. So, there may have been some attempts to communicate. In the past, the residence was a doctor’s office (post war), and a fortune teller’s lounge and rooms. According to the client, they did renovate the house over the last summer, in which the activity increased. It is well documented that renovations often create an increase in paranormal activity. So, there were several variables as to why the house was active.

We did three surveillance operations for comparison research during this investigation, on the 18th, the 25th of January, and the 8th of February. On the 18th, the conditions were the following:


9:30pm to 3:30am

Time of the Investigation.

Outside Temp

25 Degrees

Temperature is for cold or hot spot anomalies.

Wind Velocity


In case we hear sounds of whistling, or scratching, etc.



May have relations around spiritual manifestations.


29.0 in. 1000 mb.

May have relations to spiritual activity.



Possible background exposure if raining, etc.

Moon Conditions: May have ties to spiritual energies and the ability to manifest audible, or visual situations. It has been tied to ocean behavior, and animal activities.

Moon Phase

Waxing Crescent

Leading up to the full moon is good, on a full moon, or later may be challenging.

Visible Moon %



405,349 Miles

Closer the moon, the more the energy.



May block moon electromagnetic energies.

Environmental Conditions: active solar X-rays coming from the sun have possibly enhanced, or drown out spiritual activity. The higher the activity, the less results.

Solar X-Rays


Geomagnetic Fields


The equipment we used was the latest and greatest technology, which included:

Nikon 35mm SLR w/ Kodak 400 Film.

Sony 8mm Night Vision Camcorder.

Sony Mavica FD75 and Sony Mavica FD85 Digital Cameras.

Sony Full Cassette Recorders.

Sony Mini-Cassette Recorders.

Radio Shack Motion Sensors.

Tri-field EMF Meter.

Bushnell Night Vision Monocular.

Around 12:40am, we started picking up on some EMF or Electromagnetic Field readings around 3.0 to 3.5 that were unexplained, along with a cold spot, indicated by two of our investigators around bedroom 1 and open area sections of the house. One of our investigators saw an orb fly by the corner of her eye.

Taken by Jenn B in the Living Room while the activity was going on next to her.

We all can see things in the corner, or peripheral, of our vision because our eyes are not focused on the area, and our mind is not washed over with the thought of “whatever I see is not real.” Unfortunately, at a young age, especially back then, the consensus was, “spirits were not real,” “you are crazy,” and “need help” if you see a ghost. So, we were essentially brainwashed into believing “don’t believe.” I’m not going to get political or religious in this, but the moral of the story is, trust in your gut, and don’t look directly at something you see in the corner of your eye. Take a few moments to take in the experience and take mental note of the event.

Some of the team went into the basement around 1am to do some surveillance, and captured a slight mist in the side of this photo taken by Jenn B. The other photo was a controlled photo that showed no presence of a mist.

The last event that occurred this night was around 1:30am to 2am. It occurred up in the open area and bedroom 1 again, where one of the clients’ eyes started twitching, then a diamond orb was captured on camera.

Diamond orbs were only captured during this time-frame, due to the changing of technologies relating to focus, exposure, etc. on the new digital cameras.

We also received a cool vortex photo and an unexplained orb photo in the open area around 2am.

In addition to the photos, we caught a quick orb shoot across the camera positioned in open area 1 around 2:44am. It was only a blip on the video, but we still framed and screenshot the activity.

At this point in the night, we were all getting exhausted and wrapped up the surveillance operation.

The next evening, 25 January 2002, we dug into the house again, with the following stats:

Time: 7:30pm – 11:30pm.

Outside Temperature: 42 Degrees.

Wind Velocity: 6 MPH.

Humidity: 35%.

Barometer: 30.0 in. 1100 mb.

Conditions: Clear.

Waxing Gib Moon.

85% Visible.

Distance: 404,650.

100% Visibility.

M Class Flare Solar X Rays.

Quiet Geomagnetic Fields.

Only a few of us came back for a follow up and did a sweep of the house with photography. Around 10:33pm. Investigator Tim A. picked up on an overwhelming feeling coming from a trunk in the open area. He may have been picking up on the “portal like” anomaly in the area, but he was adamant about the trunk with JEB initials inscribed.

There was an incredible amount of energy around the house, but the surveillance was slow, except for the massive amount of photography we received.

We did though receive the following EVPs or electronic voice phenomena on cassettes. Here are a few. Also note, there is no filter on EVPs, if there was a salty, old man that cursed a lot, you will receive a “mouth full”.:

An EVP of "Joking" came up next to Investigator Tim A in Bedroom 1.

Another EVP of "Joking, Oh Shit!" came up in Bedroom 1.

Unknown EVP

We wrapped it up after this and scheduled another follow up to do some heavy EVP work.

On February 8th, 2002, the team came back for the third and final time to communicate with some of these entities and try cohabitation with the spiritual activity. The surveillance went on from 7:30pm to 11:00pm and encompassed a lot of recording, Q&A, etc. The statistics were the following:

Time: 7:30pm – 11:00pm.

Outside Temperature: 47 Degrees.

Wind Velocity: 5-12 MPH.

Humidity: 50%.

Barometer: 30.05 in. 1019 mb.

Conditions: Clear.

Waning Crescent Moon.

12% Visible.

Distance: 394,649.

100% Visibility.

Active Solar X Rays.

Quiet Geomagnetic Fields.

The following was captured throughout the surveillance on EVP.:

Who would it be? “Ah... Peter.”

Chig? “Cause I Love You.”

Tim asked Why are you bothering me? “Cause We Can”

Tim said that he caught something flying around, the response was “Cool, that was me.”

“Go Get Some”

Tim was describing the investigation with the full body apparition, and he mentioned that he wished he could have captured the full body in pure form.

The response was “Son of a Bitch.”

Tim was joking around and made a creepy “SoulTrackers, I’ve Got Your Souls” and a response of “SoulTrackers” came up.

It was an incredible case, one with visual, audible, and physical events. We were able to help the clients cohabitation with the entities that were in the house and closed some gaps in the communications with the client’s deceased nephew, so that he could move on.

Overall, the three investigations produced some great results, though we do log environmental stats, it is for researching correlation between the environment and more spiritual activity.

We have found out that leading up to the full moon, we produced better results, as to the leaning off and progression to the new moon. Also, high electromagnetism in the earth harms the investigation rather than enhancing it.

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