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Case Files: Winter Has Come: Cemetery Investigations of 1998 to 1999

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

When investigating the paranormal, or anything ghost related, one has to be particularly interested in the obvious sanctuary dealing with ghosts or a haunting, a cemetery! Why not?! It was where everyone went when they passed so there must be dozens of ghosts waiting to be found. Towards the end of 1998 and in the beginning of 1999; there were numerous cities throughout the Tri-State (NJ, PA, DE) area that had cemeteries and history by the truckloads! But, as our team discovered, there were more than just souls of the dead in a cemetery.

Over the past twenty plus years of visiting and investigating cemeteries, I have discovered that there are also dark elemental and negative entities that feed off the energies in the cemetery. Cemeteries are a smorgasbord for shadow figures, spirits of the forgotten and lost, demonic energies, imps, and other dark elemental energies. You name it, and that entity has spent time in a cemetery. With that said, please be incredibly careful, do not go in alone. Better yet, do not even go into a cemetery to investigate! One must be completely protected spiritually, have sound mind and energy, and a team with the same mindset. I cannot express how extremely dangerous it is to investigate any such hallowed ground. Nevertheless, at the time, we were young and ignorant of the danger. Our team was only full of wonder and excitement to find something paranormal. The following events took place over the course of the fall and winter of 1998 and 1999.

We visited a cemetery in Washington Twp. NJ, on 22 September 1998. During the walk through of the cemetery, another investigator, Chris K. and I, sensed an energy around a tombstone. The energy was pulsating. At the time, I used a Polaroid 600 Camera and Film. When taking pictures with this camera, it was necessary to be around solid objects in order to capture anything in the dark as it had minimal flash capabilities.

Hillcrest Cemetery Vortex, Ghostly Polaroid Picture

I snapped a picture where we sensed the energy. On Polaroid film, I captured a small vortex which we then scanned into the computer and enhanced to the best of our abilities in 1999.

Other team members, in another section of the cemetery, discovered a freshly dug grave. They took a photo with a 35 mm camera. Upon taking this picture it became apparent we were looking at a mist or portal. What sort of portal, and to or from, where we could not determine. Such portals could be passages to the spirit world or they could be portals to darker dimensions.

Portal Photo Taken in Hillcrest Cemetery in NJ.

That same night, we went to another small cemetery two towns over in Glassboro, NJ. Mike M. captured this random Polaroid next to a mausoleum.

In January of 1999, a SJGR (South Jersey Ghost Research) Team comprising of Hildred R., Dave J., myself, and two guest investigators Joanny S., and Larry N. went to Bristol Cemetery, Bristol, PA. We decided to split up into two groups, Hildred and I went one way, and the rest went another. As Hildred and I were walking into a small area at the back of the cemetery, Hildred saw and heard a small girl crying by a tree.

As we proceeded over to the tree, I started getting a strange feeling. I felt an energy moving around everywhere. It moved into the tree and back to the ground moving all over the place. As I scanned the tree with my Tri-Field EMF Meter, it faintly shot up to 8.0 milligauss, which was an unbelievable find in a location without power lines and no electronics around. We did not even have text messaging yet on our flip cell phones. While we were taking more readings, Dave and team arrived to see out what was going on. There were several pictures taken while I was feeling a presence in the area and receiving EMF hits.

One piece of evidence gave me a fright later during evidence review. I had placed a small recorded on a headstone as soon as we had entered the cemetery and walked away. During review I was sitting in my office in the attic, with headphones on reviewing the small cassette recorder, and heard a faint scream! Then, the scream got a little louder, and then it roared monstrously! It scared the living daylights out of me! I ripped the headphones off and threw them on the ground in terror. After catching my breath, I courageously picked up the headphones and re-listened to the audio. I heard the same screams again, then I heard breaks screeching, lightly across the rails of the train that rolled by the cemetery. Yes, it was a transit train from Philadelphia, not a ghostly or demonic scream.

The following night we decided, as a team, to head over to Beechwood Cemetery, Bensalem, PA. One instance that stuck out during the night, happened when I was on the night vision monocular. Joanny S. mentioned she saw an apparition between the two of us. She started taking pictures which are below.

While in between the photography flashes, I was able to see an orb dart in between us and fly off. I was keen on safety from the flashes and photography while looking through night vision.

During this investigation Chris W. also saw an entity walking down a dirt road, then became startled by a presence near him. He had felt someone walk up behind him, but upon turning quickly, no one was there! However, he did notice a shadow figure out of the corner of his eye. The two following photos were taken.

While there are many, many more stories that I could have included, these were the most memorable ones from that winter, almost 25 years ago. More stories are to come as our adventures enter the years to come traipsing through cemeteries all over the world. There are darker and some more sinister than others, but make no doubt, it is a dangerous endeavor. Do not go alone, be protected, and be prepared, or do not do it at all!

Cautionary tale. During one of these investigations, one team member left the group to explore on his own. After going a distance away from the group, he turned to go back when he heard heavy footsteps of someone running toward him. The entity charged our investigator and stopped right in front of his face, although no one could be seen with the naked eye. A photo was immediately taken, and this is what appeared on film. Do not go alone.

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